Peace Ambassador

Peace Ambassador

The Peace Ambassadors Position in Euro Asian University is an flagship project of the Governing Council Department to promote and support the role of people in civil society organizations and peace‐building activities in Various Diversified Fields that can contribute and Benefited to Both People and Society.

The Evaluation & Selection Process of Peace Ambassadors in Euro Asian Universities are chosen due to their motivation to build a better world in Various Sectors of Organizations by teaching them Basics to Advance Levels of Peace and Human Rights and to Build Strong Network of the University in Various Different Parts of the World. Euro Asian Peace Ambassadors brings and integrate the values of human rights, peace, and intercultural dialogue, and also bring these values to youth work and to youth initiatives in their communities.

Objectives and Roles of Peace Ambassadors

• Euro Asian Peace Ambassadors promote the presence and the role of the individuals as positive outcomes of the change in peace-building processes;

• Euro Asian Peace Ambassadors strengthen the role of individuals in identifying and speaking up against Various Aspects Related to Peace in that Particular Field

• Euro Asian Peace Ambassadors Promote Formal & Non Formal Modes of Education.

• Euro Asian Peace Ambassadors support and give visibility to youth-led projects for peace-building Activities.

• Euro Asian Peace Ambassadors create and support a International network of youth peace to enhance the University Name Globally.