Honorary Doctorate


The awarding of an honorary degree is an important symbol in the life of the University. An honorary degree recognizes uncommonly meritorious accomplishments and activity, both in the academic arena and in broader areas of benefit to society, that reflect the values esteemed by a great university. Honorary degrees are conferred on those whose achievements are of such excellence that they provide, through example, inspiration and leadership to the graduates of the University.

In choosing recipients for this honor the University is also guided by the principle that in honoring individuals for their contributions, the University is also honoring itself by its association with people of such special merit.


The following specific criteria are used by the Honorary Degrees Committee in its consideration of candidates. The Committee’s goal each year is to present a slate of recipients across a range of academic disciplines and non-academic areas of achievement. Honorary degree recipients, when possible, will be chosen to match the purposes of the Convocation at which the degree is to be granted. Those in category (a) will predominate if possible those in categories (b) and (c) will normally number less than half of the recipients in category (a) unless the Convocation is being called for a special reason:

1. The University normally will give preference to honoring individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the sciences, humanities, and professions in which the University itself is active.

2. Recognition will be given to those whose exceptional accomplishments have contributed to enhancing culture and society in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

3. The University on occasion will honor those who have made extraordinary contributions to the development of the University or the region or have achieved international standards of excellence


Nominations: At least once annually, a call for nominations will be broadcast widely by the University Secretariat to the university community, using the traditional outlets and any additional avenues suggested by members of the Honorary Degrees Committee.


The Honorary Degrees Committee is appointed annually by Senate and consists of the Registrar and such other members of Senate as determined from time to time by Senate. The duty of the Committee is to select persons to be recommended to Senate for the conferment of Honorary Degrees.


The Honorary Degrees Committee shall submit a Motion for the award of Honorary Degrees in the form of a written report which shall be made available to members of Senate at least two days before the Ordinary Meeting at which it is to be presented.

The names of those recommended for Honorary Degrees are confidential until approved by Senate and offers have been accepted by candidates.

DOCUMENT CHECKLIST ( Common for Honorary Doctorate & Honorary Awards ) Nominations submitted without the following documents will be returned to the Nominator:

» A letter from the Nominator describing reasons for nominating the Nominee, including contributions or special accomplishments of the Nominee, and any other information which the Nominator feels may be pertinent to the nomination.

» Letters of Support (no more than three).

» Nominee’s abridged curriculum vitae containing details such as education, a field of endeavor a short description of publications (if any), specials awards, and distinguished service.

» A short biographical summary (maximum 200 words), which will form the basis of the citation at convocation should the Nominee be chosen as an honorary degree recipient.


Honorary degree recipients are invited to give the Convocation address but may decline the invitation to do so. Honorary degrees are not awarded in absentia. Honorary degrees are not awarded posthumously. An exception may be made in the case of the honor having been accepted and arrangements made for its awarding prior to the death of the nominee.

The citation for the honorary degree should be no longer than three minutes in length. In accordance with Council Bylaws, “each recipient of an honorary degree shall be presented for admission [to the degree] by the Director or by a person designated for that purpose by the Director”

REVOKING ( Common for Honorary Doctorate & Award ):

The Senate may revoke an honorary degree and all the rights and privileges connected therewith.” The Senate would consider revoking the degree on the recommendation of the Honorary Degrees Committee, by means of a vote.


Once your Doctorate degree has been conferred at a Doctorate ceremony either in person or in absentia, you will automatically receive a Doctorate degree certificate. This will be either presented to you by your Co-Ordinator on the day of the Convocation ceremony or posted to you after the event.

For all ceremonies, if you have not received your degree certificate within three months of the date of your ceremony and you fail to notify us of this within that period, you will be charged for a replacement certificate.

Students who have completed an award bearing non-matriculated course (certificate or diploma) with the Department for Continuing Education will receive an award certificate from the Department.

Electronic copies, PDFs or scanned versions of certificates cannot be issued at anytime.


If your Doctorate degree certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement certificate at a cost. Please note that students are only permitted to have one copy of their certificate in their possession at any one time, so multiple copies cannot be requested.


Online Admission system available or a candidate can obtain admission application form Maryland State University website marylandstateuniversity.us and apply for admission (subject to eligibility criteria) by submitting filled admission form with required documents to university mail on any day, any time. Upon receipt of the filled admission application form at Registrar’s office, it is processed after necessary verification subject to admission eligibility criteria and candidate is intimated firstly through an email info@marylandstateuniversity.us (if provided in the admission application form).

Our Specialization in Doctorate :

* Doctorates List Follows

* Doctor of Philosophy-India&International Heritages

* Doctor of Classical Dance

* Doctor of Commerce

* Doctor of Psychology

* Doctor of Humanity

* Doctor of Music

* Doctor of Traditional Siddha Medicine&Varma

* Doctor of Women Empowerment and Rural Development

* Doctor of Peace

*Doctor of Philosophy-Social Work

* Doctor of Social Work

* Doctor of Human Resource

* Doctor of Information Technology

* Doctor of Indigenous Arts

* Doctor of Education

* Doctor of Science

* Doctor of Alternative Medicine

* Doctor of Martial Arts

*Doctor of Philosophy-Sociology

* Doctor of Invention

* Doctor of Science

* Doctor of Organic Agriculture

* Doctor of Literature

* Doctor of Letter

* Doctor of Fine Arts

* Doctorate in Vasthu Science

* Doctor of Business Administration